Simple, functional cloud-based solution for controlling and managing your printing/polygraphy plant

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SMART:ERP - a complex system for enterprise management

Project and task management

  • Create tasks/projects, select their states
  • Set roles for each project participant and assign them to specific tasks
  • The deadline is always displayed on the card and this will ensure that deadlines don't burn up
  • Use checklists to organize and simplify tasks
  • Calendar for longer term planning
  • Dashboard. View project information in a way that is convenient for you
  • Use kanban boards for visibility
  • Integration with Telegram and email

Sales and order management

  • Calculate planned quantities of materials per order (paper, film, ink, other materials).
  • Reserve materials to order.
  • Use a flexible mechanism for working with discounts/ markups in orders.
  • Fix the agreed order amount.
  • Calculate complex orders.
  • Analyze information on changes to orders.
  • Track order status information.
  • Control orders at different stages of their fulfillment.
  • Generate flow charts containing information on all order parameters required for its production.
  • Analyze costs by order.
  • Analyze information on order fulfillment, payment and shipment.
  • Conduct extended analysis of production output in terms of: cost, cost of sales, profit and profitability.

Financial analytics management

Generate reports directly in the system. The resulting reports will help you understand how your team is working and which business processes should be optimized to improve performance.

  • Structure expenses and income
  • Record cash flows and balances
  • Upload all necessary documents
  • Ability to split the amount of a payment document across several contracts and transactions
  • Income statement
  • Control transactions between different accounts and your counterparties

Warehouse management

  • Add your own nomenclatures
  • Integration with 1c, for quick filling of nomenclature data
  • Control the movement of goods
  • Creation of materials and finished goods from the nomenclature

Production management

  • Creating production outfits
  • Interfacing outfits with sales orders to produce required goods
  • Ability to create flow charts for different products
  • Equipment accounting by properties (manufacturer, type of equipment, printing speed).
  • Possibility of planned loading of work centers (equipment and subdivisions) in terms of orders for printing products.
  • Possibility of plan-fact analysis of order fulfillment and equipment utilization


  • Reduced order processing time

  • Increased production of products

  • Optimization through automation

  • Control of the company's budget

  • Stock control

  • Increased employee accountability

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