SMART:TRACKER tasks from the creators SMART:ERP

Простое и функциональное облачное решение для контроля и управления задачами бизнеса любого уровня

Free for 14 days, then - from 3 000 rubles per month

SMART:TRACKER is a thoroughly developed business tool that has been running as part of the SMART:ERP enterprise management platform for over 5 years now
Since 2023 it is offered as a standalone tool


No limit on the number of users

Suitable for everyone from the self-employed to corporations

Cost - from 3,000 rubles per month

Works right in your browser

Available on any smartphone, tablet or computer

SMART:TRACKER is not only convenient but also completely safe

Included in the roster of domestic software and complies with the highest security requirements

The company's servers are located on the territory of the Russian Federation, which guarantees fast and stable operation

Originally developed for the needs of our IT-company SMART:TRACKER absorbed all the functions for working with multiple parallel tasks. The solution turned out to be so successful that we transferred it to a more global enterprise management platform SMART:ERP.

With the growing number of implementations of the platform the task tracker was finalized taking into account the real needs of real business and today it is a proven business tool with a clear interface

Artem Petukhov, Commercial Director, Smart Unit

100% of SMART:TRACKER functions are available in all tariffs

Kanban in kanban
Boards with tasks, tags, deadlines
Co-implementers by task
Task Discussions
Performer analytics
Unlimited number of users
Notifications to email and Telegram


25% off

Modules and system functionality




SelfService system utilization service in our cloud

Service to host the system in a private cloud on the client's servers

Purchase of non-exclusive rights to the system, updates and support 1 year included in the tariff

Number of users

Not limited

Not limited

Not limited

Amount of disk space

disk space increase is available on the scheme +1Gb=20 rubles/month

20 rub./GB

Not limited

Not limited

Project and task management

task states, kanban and kanban-in-a-kanban, telegram alerts, tags, color coding, user roles, management analytics

Counterparty management

contacts, phone numbers, emails, details


Put your company logo

* option can be activated for additional payment 2000 rub./month.

Using your domain

* option can be activated for additional payment 2000 rub./month.

Restore backup on request

Tech support

Introductory user training

On request

On request

On request

User counseling

Works on customization and improvement of functionality

calculation of the cost of modifications is made on an individual basis

Price on request

Price on request

Price on request

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Customization of SMART:TRACKER for corporate clients

For companies with more than 30 employees, we offer customization of the ready-made configuration of the SMART:TRACKER service to meet the needs of your business. If you need a wider functionality, send a request and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible

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Integrations with 1C

Transfer databases to your local servers

Optional encryption

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